Most important physics chapter to score good || class 12th

Are, you want to focus only on those chapters which are most important for scoring good in physics and your exams are coming near and you are not prepared for exam, feeling depressed then don't worry this will help you after reading full article you and preparing for those chapters you will definitely score good marks in less time.

It usually happens the students have an aspiration to score the highest marks in their CBSE Class 12, but unfortunately, they fail to achieve their dreams due to lack of awareness. While on the other hand, physics is an important sub-subject of science in CBSE Class 12 that needs good preparation for the subject. So it requires a well-intended plan and most importantly a student’s needs to know about the syllabus and focus on certain important chapters. This will help the CBSE Class 12 students to score better marks in the examination and attempt any question with confidence. But before moving further, we need to understand what strategies you need to follow to achieve success in your CBSE Class 12 Physics:

chapters to score good marks in physics:

  1. Electric charges
  2. Alternative current
  3. Wave optics
  4. Current electricity
  5. semiconductor electricity
all the mention chapters are most important for scoring good marks in board must prepare these chapters all the derivations and formula with mostly asked questions.

some important derivations are :

  1. Gauss’s theorem and its three special case
  2. Electric field on the axial and equatorial line
  3. bar Magnet as Equivalent solenoid
  4. Displacement current
  5. Tran-sister as an amplifier.
  6. Refractive Index of Prism
  7. AC generator

for all most important physics derivation class 12th check our post on this topic you will find all the most important derivations of physics you need to score full out of full marks.

 CBSE Class 12 Physics students need to concentrate on all the chapters which are mostly based on electricity topics like electric models, generation of electricity, its flow and other related concepts.
Go through NCERT book. It is the most important book for Physics board exam of class 12. All topics in the syllabus for the exam are covered in the NCERT book.

also first focus on ray optics and semiconductors as they are the high weightage chapters 

this image will show you the marks weightage of all these important chapters:

 hope all these clear your doubts to make some smile on your face so start preparing for these chapters from now and if you are prepared the just revise these chapter as much as you can practice all the important derivations and do some numerical also as they are also important like derivations and theory.

study smart not hard wise study make you score better than hard workers as both are important hard work and smart study.

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