Most important derivations in physics class 12

HELLO, dear students are you preparing for class 12th board from PCM/PCB stream and you are getting frustrated by so many derivations, theory and numerical or you just want to study smart not only hard then this is article is for you here you will find mostly asked and some must  asked derivations of physics in class 12th board.

prepare these derivations revise and write these below listed derivations many times as much you can give you guarantee that after preparing well for these derivations you will definitely achieve more than 80% in you physics and if you are fully prepared with all numerical part than no one can stop you to achieve 95% in class 12th physics board exam.

Here is the list of most important derivations in physics class 12:-

  1. Torque due to an electric dipole.
  2. Electric dipole for axial point.
  3. Electric dipole for equatorial point.
  4. Polarization (Brewster's law).
  5. PE of a dipole in an external field.
  6. Capacitor in series and parallel.
  7. Energy stored in a capacitor.
  8. Energy stored in a dielectric slab.
  9. Drift velocity.
  10. Resistance in series and parallel.
  11. Wheatstone bridge.
  12. Meter bridge.
  13. Potentiometer
  14. Cyclotron
  15. Biot savart law.
  16. Solenoid
  17. Force b/w two parallel conductors.
  18. Magnetic dipole of a revolving electron.
  19. Moving coil galvanometer.
  20. Conversion of galvanometer to an ammeter.
  21. Conversion of galvanometer to voltmeter.
  22. Torque on a dipole magnetic field.
  23. Mutual induction and inductance.
  24. Self-induction and inductance.
  25. LCR circuit.
  26. AC through capacitor, resistor, inductor.
  27. Q factor.
  28. Compound microscope.
  29. Telescope.
  30. Spherical mirror.
  31. Lens makers’ formula.
  32. Huygens principle and derivation.
  33. Fringwidth exp and derivation.
  34. Thin lens.
  35. Laws of reflection.
  36. Diffraction.
  37. Prism
  38. Resolving power formula.
  39. Stopping potential.
  40. Photoelectric effect.
  41. Nuclear size, proof of Bohr's postulate using De Broglie's hypothesis.
  42. Total energy and kinetic energy
  43. Nuclear density-independent of mass number.
  44. Half-life.
  45. Transistor as an amplifier.
  46. Amplitude modulation
  47. Total internal reflection.
  48. Rod undergoing circular motion in Magnetic field.
  49. Motional Emf.
  50. Force on a conductor in a magnetic field.
yeah, it looks like a long list but there are more than 100 derivations really but these are the most important ones prepare for them so that you can not forget any of them in the exam.

maybe some are not there I will provide you the link of the pdf file where all the derivations of physics are there and most important are marked in bold the pdf is provided by very famous and very great person Aman dhattarwal if you don't know him then check his youtube channel. really he will help you so much in your boards and college life.

here is the pdf file:

in case you are finding difficulty in understanding the pdf file then check this video:

also, remember these points they will also help you get the best of  the best

  • Previous years question papers, questions from papers and answers from your books (the idea is to cover important topics, segregate topics based on papers n read chapter wise if you wish). Includes derivations.
  • Practice writing answers in points/flow charts.
  • ncert questions and solved examples.
  • Keep on Redding older papers to look for any odd question.
hope all this solve your problem if yes then start this from today and prepare best as studying smart is most important in achieving good grades.
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have nice day study smart, not hard!!

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