Most important chapter for maths class 12

Hello, students how's your math going have you completed all your chapters if not then do as much early you can so that you can understand all the mention below list and have a idea why these chapters are important, what topic to prepare from which chapter as there are many topics in a single chapter and too much exercises in single unit really very tough and frustrating but don't worry just revise these as much as you can before exam.
also if you have more time then do some extra questions because 15% to 20% comes out of N.C.E.R.T also don't forget to prepare N.C.E.R.T exampler it is also very important as some tough questions come from it mistly of 4 marks and most of students don't focus on it so must prepare for it before going to another private book for extra questions

List of most important units marks wise:

Calculus - 44 marks
Easier parts- Continuity and Differentiablity, and Application of Integrals (Require 2–3 hours per chapter)
Medium- Derivatives, Indefinite integrals, differential equations (5–6 hours per chapter)
Tough- Definite integrals and Application of Derivatives (Days of practice and learning techniques)
Linear Programming - 6 marks
A 6 marker question will definitely appear in exams which would be quite easy to solve but requires neatness. Just do 4–5 questions of different types and you are done. Can be completed in just 2 hours or even less!
Relations and functions - 10 marks
Get the concepts cleared from a good tutor in the last few days. Around 4 hours of self study should be more than enough if you have good grasping power.
Algebra - 13 marks
Includes matrices which is quite easy and determinants which require some practice and accuracy. Matrices can be completed in an hour but determinants may consume time.
Probability - 10 marks
Slightly tricky and requires some calculations, but is not a time consuming chapter. Requires some 4–5 hours
Vectors and 3D Geometry - 17 marks
Vectors is the easiest chapter in the books after Linear Programming but 3D has got a lot of formulas which are easy to remember if you have decent analytical skills. Requires at least 12 hours of practice.

Hope you understand what to prepare most and what is the weightage of each chapter also which chapter must come for 6 marks so now complete your syllabus and if done than just pratice more and more you can.
Don't forget to do previous year question papers of last five or ten years. All the best for your exam check other post from our website, best articles for pcm and commerce students.

Have a nice day keep learning!!

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