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Hello students if you are looking for best inorganic reference book for chemistry and you are on the right place here you will get the list of best books with their detailed review why they are important for inorganic chemistry and why you should purchase books of inorganic chemistry NCERT is good and enough but for competitive exam you must have one of the reference books and if you want more questions and more detailed study about the topic and some highlights in points then you can look for these books. These books are very great recommended by toppers and most of the teachers. This is the part 3 of the best reference book for Chemistry the two parts are the best chemistry books for Organic Chemistry and best reference book for physical chemistry if you are also looking for organic or physical chemistry.
Chemistry is not only one it is divided into other three parts here we Organic Physical and talk about Inorganic Chemistry only. NCERT is the basic and best book but some extra books can help you to score better in your exam.

Here is the list of best private/reference books :

1. O P Tandon inorganic chemistry

One of the best books op Tandon for all types of chemistry books all three books for Organic, inorganic and physical chemistry are great. all the parts I mentioned from op Tandon books are great because they are very good. up to the point concept all the basic and minor notes all types of questions both solved and unsolved questions from basic to competitive exams level like jee advanced the major benefit of this book is its explanation of concept very easy and simple way of explaining hard topics a student can understand topic easily by looking in this op Tandon inorganic chemistry book.
 I will give O P Tandon Inorganic Chemistry Book on the scale of 9 out of 10, you can understand the importance for this photo how valuable it is for all the three parts but we are talking about inorganic chemistry O P Tandon inorganic chemistry is must you should go for it.
It is one of the best books by the author. The content makes the theory quite comprehensive. It covers almost all the topics in the syllabus which has the potential to be framed as a question in IIT JEE, AIEEE, and other engineering examinations.
As most of the chapters are well written it is difficult to single out the best-written chapters. The chapters on Group 1, Group 16 and Group 17 should be thoroughly read as they give the maximum number of questions.

2. J D lee chemistry book

You may be heard of J D lee chemistry book when it comes to inorganic chemistry because this book is quite popular in inorganic chemistry but there is Indian adopted version but I only recommend you to only pay the original version which is written by JD Lee best book for jee exam preparation and other engineering exams has all the syllabus required for any Engineering exam with lots of MCQ and all the major points required for any Engineering exam.
J D Lee Inorganic Chemistry has an interesting and contrite presentation. A shrewd mix of theory and application of chemistry, the book is a little more practical-oriented. It is a good reference book for college students too.
Topics for Jee exam and other Engineering exam are in J D Lee inorganic book like :
Theoretical Concepts and Hydrogen, which covers the atomic structure and the periodic table, introduction to bonding, the ionic bond, the covalent bond, the metallic bond, general properties of the elements, coordination compounds, and hydrogen and the hydrides.
The S-Block Elements, which covers Group 1 elements - the alkali metals, the Chlor-alkali industry, and Group 2 elements - the alkaline earth elements.
The P-Block elements, which covers Group 13, 14, 15, 16 (chalcogens), 17 (halogens), and 18 (noble gases) elements).
30 two books are best for inorganic chemistry other than NCERT because for inorganic chemistry I recommend you these two books there are also other care in organic chemistry reference books but they are not so good at some of them don't have the proper information for very hard as plain can we not board questions but why writing these books here you can also look for them but I don't recommend you ask from your teacher  if you go for below-mentioned books.

Other reference books for inorganic chemistry :

  • SHRIVER&ATKINS: quite good book with excellent explanation with neat, easily understandable this book to actually understand inorganic chemistry

  • Huheey and Keiter:. Another classic for inorganic

  • Resonance package: best for jee point of view

Hope your problem is solved for best reference book for inorganic chemistry for IIT and other competitive exam preparation for board student NCERT is enough but you want more knowledge then you can look for this force also read the other part of this article if you are also looking for organic and inorganic chemistry and always come to this site if you find any problem related to your study problem.

Have a nice day keep studying keep working!!

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