Best physics channel on YouTube to score 100

Hello, student are you finding difficulty to study physics or your class teacher don't know to teach and you don't have money for coaching then don't worry, this post will solve all your problems, study physics with best teachers on youtube, best physics channel on YouTube

Here is the list of best 4 physics channel on youtube:

1. Physics wallah

I think most of the students who study online or not may hear this name because this channel is very famous physics channel ( also teach chemistry check another post of best chemistry channel on YouTube). Long videos with all concept in an easy way with jee/neet preparation best for those who preparing for jee advance.
Alakh sir will make you love physics as he teaches in a fun and the fantastic way you will not feel bored in any lecture.

2. Edupoint

 If you are those students who want deep knowledge of every concept with all doubts clear then check edupoint channel best videos with great quality,  also if someone going to do BSc physics then stick with this channel as all BSc physics lectures are available with full concept also it also has one motivational channel also if you feel lack of motivation than this is the solution.

3. Lighthouse

Sounds like not a physics channel but not. It is also a very good physics channel those who want short videos with clear explanation than this is for you. Sir also shows some example in every lecture with real-life things or some sort of story good quality videos perfect for revision or some doubts solving.

4. Arvind Academy

Those who want to study in a environment like coaching then check this channel as Arvind sir record lecture while taking classes so it feels like we are in coaching not only that but also he teaches very good with all fun and entertainment never feel bored in his lectures but it only has one drawback as all lectures are not public if you want all lectures then you have to pay one time fee if you like this teacher than one time fee is not big deal.

There are many great channels of physics on YouTube but they are some best of them I only give you those from which I study most and got good marks. Hope you like it, have a wonderful day

Study physics love physics!!

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