Best physics book for class 12 cbse

Are you looking for the best physics book for class 12th and don't know which reference book you should choose to study physics with best. here you will get the answer to your question of best physics reference book for class 12th CBSE board also for IIT jee and neet. buy any of the listed best physics books for class 12th board.

all the mention books are very good at there content all concept in detailed explanation with examples, lots of numerical and much more many students scored more than 90% by using these best physics reference book, you will also get the same if you study these book or any one of them but consistency and full dedication is very important without it no book no teacher can help you so remember this in your mind and apply in your study you will definitely understand every concept clearly with these books and score well in your board exam as well as any competitive exam of physics if you are preparing for it.

Here are the best physics reference books :

  • H.C Verma

Absolutely. It’s a brilliant book written in Physics by HC Verma. What this book taught you most.

Physics is not just about equations and formulas It is about observing and feeling the physics in your surrounding.

Book gives heavy emphasis on real-life scenario problem so that student could connect well with the concepts of physics.
The book contains a critical thinking question which seems trivial but often student tends to solve them wrong.

And yes many of its questions have been asked in the competitive exams.
It is generally for IIT and NIT aspirants. It contains questions which require lots concepts and proper knowledge about a particular topic. It is not at all a reference book for CBSE Class 12. But if you are aiming for the competitive exams it is the best book which will be recommended by professionals.

  • S.L Arora

In my opinion, it is among the best book which is available for studying physics in 12 CBSE. It covers all the topics and the language used is quite simple as well. The concepts are thoroughly explained and along with that, it has a wide range of questions as well.

Its language is really easy. You can even understand without someone else help. If you only want to focus on theory and numerical. Then it will really help you.

The concepts have been explained extraordinarily well, plus the examples and ‘problems for practice’ are a huge threat. You’ll even get that ‘competition section’ with elaborately explained answers.

In my opinion, you should go for it..!

  • Pradeep's Fundamental Physics 

It covers the class 12 physics syllabus in much depth and detail, with a good quality of solved and unsolved questions to help students understand the tricky concepts.

The topics covered in the book, which comes as a set of two volumes include optics, electronic devices, atoms and nuclei, electrostatics, dual nature of matter and radiation, communication systems, current electricity, electromagnetic induction, and alternating currents and magnetic effect of current & magnetism.

The book also features model test papers along with the answers and hints to these model test papers.

Pradeep’s Fundamental Physics (Class-XII) (Set Of 2 Vols) is a respected contribution among the various class 12 physics textbooks. With well-defined terms, solved examples, ample illustrations, and a clear structure, it makes the study easy and enjoyable for the student.

All these features make this book a favorite among both students and teachers, with many teachers recommending it as a reference book to be studied in addition to the NCERT books.

Best for CBSE exam preparation . all concepts are covered in a very satisfactory way. It's one of the best books for Class 12. Each topic explained briefly as compare to other books in the market. The student will find lots of solved problems which helps in their competitive exams.

  • All in one physics

Serving as comprehensive study guides for all subjects of CBSE Class 6th to 12th, Arihant’s “all in One” has been the first choice among students and teachers for excellent academic results. “All in One Physics” for CBSE Class XII has been revised carefully and consciously to provide the best explanation and guidance to help students qualify their exams with flying colors. It begins with Chapter-wise preparation strategy followed by 15 chapters covering detailed theory with Chapter summaries, and Chapter test including NCERT’s, NCERT exemplars, boards, and other important questions. Besides this, it also includes 5 Sample Question papers, CBSE Examination paper 2018, and the latest CBSE Sample Paper along with online Support to give students access to videos, mind Maps, colored figures, CBSE Solved papers, Topper’s copy, etc.

Widely known for providing complete study, practice, and assessment, this book leaves no room for doubts and fears related to Physics and aims to drive students towards profound success in their exams. chapter wise preparation strategy, how to prepare for CBSE examination, top tips to score the highest marks, electric Charges and Fields, Electrostatic Potential and Capacitance, Current Electricity, Moving Charges and Magnetism, Magnetism and Matter, electromagnetic Induction, Alternating Current, Electromagnetic Waves, Ray Optics and Optical Instruments, Wave Optics, Dual Nature of Radiation and Matter, Atoms, Nuclei, semiconductor and electronic devices, communication systems, 5 Sample Question papers, latest CBSE Sample Paper, CBSE examination paper 2018, excerpts from Toppers, answer sheet.

hope it clears all your doubts related to best physics book and now you know which book is best for you so just way any mentioned books above all are available online you can buy from Amazon, Flipkart or other shopping site or from your near book shop.

have a nice day keep studying!!

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