best reference book of maths for class 12th || best maths books for board exams

Hello students are you looking for reference book for class 12th for the exams the right here you will get the best review about the best private / reference book for class 12 format private books are very important because NCERT is not enough for boards exam has most of the questions come from NCERT about 70% but for other 30% if we need to look for other books and if you want to score full out of full then you must have one reference book other than NCERT.

Here is a list of best reference book for class 12th board examination:-

1. RD Sharma

RD Sharma is one of the greatest when it comes to the maths all the students who have maths must have studied or seen any question from RD Sharma maths book and for board RD Sharma is enough as some question directly comes from RD Sharma. it is a very great book lots of questions including NCERT, IIT, and other mathematics exams. All level questions are there in this book so it is one solution for all of your maths exam whether it is competitive or board level. Only prepare important questions for board examination just prepare question related to NCERT and all NCERT portion if you have RD Sharma that you don't need NCERT has it have all NCERT examples questions and all the things which comes in NCERT but if you are preparing for food then don't to all the topics has lots of exercises are there for only one unit and some questions are same so just focus more on concept, not the number of questions this is very important if you want to save your time and want to study smart as no one have so much time to cover the entire book. if you start doing entire book then you will lose your concentration and will and then you don't know properly do this so these are must point to remember while solving R D Sharma lots of students make mistake and then don't solve R D Sharma.

Details about the book :

R D Sharma plays an important role for the students as a tool to grasp the vast and complex world of Mathematics. It comes in a set of 2 volumes that compile within itself, numerous Mathematical solutions and ones, which are an integral part of the world of Mathematics. Published by Dhanpat Rai Publications in the year 2018 and penned by R.D. Sharma, these come in a paperback version.

Salient Features

• The Mathematics for Class 12 by R D Sharma (Set of 2 Volume) closely follows the CBSE syllabus for Mathematics and is suitable for the students to develop their Mathematical skills.

• It contains detailed solutions to Mathematical equations and problems which are further simplified by the representation of elaborate yet simple to understand steps.

• It covers all the genres or branches of Mathematics which will further act as building blocks for the Mathematical knowledge based on the students of class 12.

• This book will be of great help if one is looking to crack entrance examinations that are offered by prestigious academies for courses in which one can enroll themselves after their class 12 board examinations.

2. Together with

I Don't personally used together with mathematics but heard from many students that they prefer together because it is very modern solved unsolved questions are there with hints all solutions answers and very structured way also some teachers recommend this book if you are preparing for board exam then you can buy this book without even thinking of RD Sharma yeah RD Sharma Maa is good but as you have seen above this book is more competitive exam focused but if you are only preparing for board then you can buy together with mathematics. the formats if this book is very good. it is one of the best reference books also online the reviews of this book are good just concerned with your teacher before buying this book if your teacher says that it is good for you as a teacher knows more about a student then he will suggest you if this book is suitable for you.
Together with Mathematics Study Material for Class 12 Integrated Assignments given at the end of the book aim at providing opportunities of self-assessment in a holistic way, for the extra edge in handling the board examinations.

3. All in one mathematics

Another great book for maths, by the way, all the all in one book are very good for any subject and for maths also all in one Mathematics book is a great solution very clear and very attractive presentation of the book with previous year question papers and sample papers solved and unsolved questions in very structured and very good format good for any type of student whether it is a beginner means who is weak in maths can also look for this book it is very fantastic help you understand the level of board questions as it is more focused on class 12th boards examination. All in one mathematics is a great solution you can able this book without asking from anyone you will not regret after being this book it is very fantastic.

Details about all in one Mathematics book:

With the regular advancement in the level of academic competition, complete and confident exam preparedness doesn't come from school textbooks only. Serving as comprehensive study guides for all subjects of CBSE Class 6th to 12th, Arihant’s “all in One” has been the first choice among students and teachers for excellent academic results. “All in One Mathematics” for CBSE Class XII has been revised on the basis of the latest syllabus and pattern issued by CBSE on 31st March 2019 to provide the best explanation and guidance to help students qualify their exams with flying colors. It has 13 chapters covering NCERT theory in easy to understand form. It provides NCERT, NCERT exemplars, boards and other important questions including objective type questions, VSA, LA, SA, & HOTS. Besides this, it also includes 5 Sample Question papers, CBSE Examination paper 2019, Periodic tests, activities and the latest CBSE Sample Paper. Widely known for providing complete study, practice, and assessment, this book leaves no room for doubts and fears related to Mathematics and aims to drive students towards profound success in their exams.

4. NCERT exampler

NCERT exampler is one of the must book every student of every class should prepare most of the student don't know about NCERT exampler or they don't give much importance to this book but they don't know that some of the very good marks questions come from NCERT exampler very tricky and tough questions are there in NCERT exampler if you prepare NCERT exampler then it will not take more than 20 to 30 days so you can easily prepare it at the end of your examination just give it one month before the examination date and you are good to go to get the great marks in your maths exam. Must have book after NCERT mathematics book I suggest you check every subject NCERT exampler but here we are talking about math and for maths, this is a must book.
Hope you now have idea how to prepare for your boards exam of class 12th and which book you should be other than NCERT book and exampler book these two are must-have books in some cities NCERT exam is not so popular so you can find it easily online on CBSE on website so you don't have to purchase if you don't want to spend money on too many books.

At last here are some tips for the maths exam :

1.Solve at least one question from each type

2. Must solve previous year questions with time thoroughly. One day before exam go through answers and their solutions again

3. Solve last 10 years papers as it is very important mist questions repeat in the exam.

4. Don't make mistakes in trying to do questions fast. Another way around, you must not be too slow.

Have a nice day keep studying keep learning!!

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