Best chemistry notes for class 11th and 12th

we all know that notes are very important for revision because if we start reading book in our exam time then it will take more than a month to study properly which is not possible in exam time that's why every student should definitely make their own notes and revise once a week so that you don't forget anything but we all do that mistake not making notes of chapters whether it is any subject but here we are talking about chemistry and chemistry have so many definitions, derivations, etc. and for that making good notes are very important for best and time managing revision.
try to make your notes as understanding own notes is very easy and you know what is best for you which topic is difficult for you as no one understand you better than yourself.

Taking notes is essential to have a written record of any lecture. It facilitates the student to understand the concept in a natural language, become an active listener and a learner, revise easily anytime, have additional notes on the subject, and more. It acts as a perfect hand guide to learn the subject.

but if you haven't made any notes or made but improper then here are the best website for chemistry notes just download there pdf file and take black and white printout copy so that you can carry them anywhere I don't recommend you to read them on mobile as it will hurt your eyes and also some notifications and make you distracted.

why note-making important :

It is extremely important to take notes, simply BECAUSE you will not retain all the information mentally.
Plus, as you are taking the notes, you are reinforcing the information to your memory. How are you supposed to study without notes, and edges of the paper for small notes? I am and always was a big note taker. Problem? A lot of paper accumulates, I keep everything, causing clutter. Throw away whatever you no longer need.
Keep thin notebooks per subjects. I am sure you will find out quickly how did you ever do without them. Notes are your guides.
Just jot down main phrases, or make outlines, whatever way you choose they will be indispensable to you.

where to find the best chemistry notes online?

here is the solution here you will get two best website/youtube channel


the best website for online best chemistry notes also best physics notes professional notes with every points and important note all for free no a single rupee for anything. full derivations with examples and questions of every topic also chapter wise assignments are there with all boards, IIT jee and neet questions full question bank all-important questions and a formula sheet of every chapter is available this website is sufficient for all things.
also, it has a youtube channel also where Alakh sir author of the website teaches chemistry and physics so if you get stuck in any topic just visit physics wallah channel we also mentioned his channel in our article Best chemistry channel on youtube to score 100. must check this post if you are looking for online best teacher.

here are some images of the notes(from the electrostatics chapter) so that you can get an idea about notes:

hope all your problems related to notes have been solved if you have any question then just comment and we definitely help you as early as we can. don't forget to check for chemistry notes we also have where to find the best chemistry note online on our website.

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