Best chemistry channel in YouTube to score full marks

Hello, students are you finding difficulty in chemistry or the worst organic making you sick and you don't have access to good teacher due to any reason then this post will change your attitude towards chemistry, you will start understanding and enjoying chemistry.

Here is the list of best chemistry channel on YouTube:

1.physics wallah

This is the first recommendation from my side. the best channel for chemistry and physics(check post on best physics channel on YouTube). Long video with all concept which you get in very big and expensive coachings, if you are.preparing for neet/jee than this channel will clear all your doubts in a very easy way.

2. Vedantu Medical made Ejee

Yeah very big name but very good channel for chemistry specially for neet students as recently it merged with vedantu now you find bio, physics, chemistry lecture with perfection, but this post is about chemistry for chemistry best channel with short videos, clear and best quality in structured way you should check this channel very good for chemistry.

3.Shiksha house

If you are those students who want to study concept with full visualization all concept in 3d animation then check this channel best for clearing all concepts of chemistry in great and perfect animations. If you find difficulty in imagine as chemistry require very good imagination power as most of the chemistry deal with what we cannot see so really check out these high-quality lectures also physics and biology.

Hope you like the recommendation there are also more channels for chemistry but I find them perfect for cracking any chemistry exam

Have a wonderful day study with full concentration best of luck for your future.

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